Category: Testimonials

From Cheryl Meyers

I have known Lisa since she was 10 – always spirited and fun to be with. Lisa’s grandmother, Dorothy, was my sister’s ( Linda Robertt ) mother in law. My daughters, Laura and Dana, had so much fun with their cousins Glen and Heather. Thanksgivings in Southern California were a joyous occasion with Lisa, Jill, […]

From Warren Allen

Lisa Robin Marks was my dear friend. I miss her more than I can say. Lisa was capable of deep friendship and enduring friendship (twins Shawn & Shannon since early childhood, and Rifka and Elyse for roughly 40 years). She tended to her friends’ needs as if they were close family, and was eager to […]

From Tom Osborne

I have known Lisa Marks for about 15 years. We were friends, neighbors, and civic/environmental activists together.  We served together on the City’s Environmental Committee and worked together as members of the board of directors of the South Laguna Civic Association. On the City’s Environmental Committee, Lisa put to public use her impressive math skills by […]

From Jodi Levine-Wright

Dearest Community,As we collectively mourn the loss of one of our incredible community members, we are reminded of how precious life is. Lisa Marks was a bright light, a devoted sister, an activist, in love with the earth and the ocean, dedicated to mindfulness and wellbeing, and one who gave generously to dozens of causes […]

From Jinger Wallace and Mike Beenan

Lisa was a creative part of Kelpfest, an annual Laguna Beach celebration, adorned with strands of kelp looking like a sea goddess she danced and encouraged others to celebrate the ocean.   She worked to find other solutions to grazing the goats on South Laguna hillsides.When we look at Aliso Peak now blooming with the white […]

From Kamala Bennett

Lisa was an intellectual, and a lifelong seeker.  She was always ready to embrace a complex topic, to tease out meaning and revel in the process.  She had an enlightened way of holding everything both equally precious and light hearted.  Lisa was thoughtful and tenacious, and some decisions took her on a long journey of […]

From Rifka Hirsch

I first met Lisa around 1978, and we’ve been loving friends since that first moment.  She was a 20 years old student of philosophy, drawn in by her love of the mind and her own desire to know the Truth of Reality.  For Lisa – Truth, Justice, Beauty, and the Good – these were not simply intellectual […]