From Jinger Wallace and Mike Beenan

Lisa was a creative part of Kelpfest, an annual Laguna Beach celebration, adorned with strands of kelp looking like a sea goddess she danced and encouraged others to celebrate the ocean.   
She worked to find other solutions to grazing the goats on South Laguna hillsides.When we look at Aliso Peak now blooming with the white Ceianothis flowers, we’re reminded how Lisa worked with South Coast Water District to avoid placing a wide Access Road that would have scarred the peak. She helped convince officials that a foot path was all that was necessary to bury the utility lines.Following that she again worked with SLCA and our local water district to install a water treatment plant to clean their recycled water so more could be used on the golf course rather than discharged to the ocean at Aliso.  
Her love of the ocean showed most brightly when she spoke passionately to help our community effort to convince Fish and Wildlife officials to protect the marine life along our coast and create our Marine Protected Areas. Lisa could be found almost every day swimming at Treasure Cove or Table Rock throughout the summer.  She was a rare conbination of a brilliant mind with a Masters degree in Mathematics nurtured by the best of hippie love of dance, music and joy.