From Kamala Bennett

Lisa was an intellectual, and a lifelong seeker.  She was always ready to embrace a complex topic, to tease out meaning and revel in the process.  She had an enlightened way of holding everything both equally precious and light hearted.  Lisa was thoughtful and tenacious, and some decisions took her on a long journey of detailed exploration, ultimately leading to a carefully well-crafted decision/ action. Lisa stands out as a deeply ethical human being who dedicated herself to walking upright and lightly on this planet.  I have long admired the simplicity of her approach to material possessions… quality and meaning, spaciousness.   Over the many years of our friendship, I have regularly reflected on how fully she created and embraced opportunities to experience, and learn from the experience.  Lisa was an adventurer.  Though gentle in manner, she had a strong fire to bring to important causes and gave generously of herself to support efforts.  She was keenly intelligent, insightful and courageous, and this made her a powerful leader and a spearhead for important projects (political, ecological, social.  Lisa also had the humility of the lifelong student which made her a wonderful attribute in a support role.  Lisa was a true fun/ joy lover, and did not confine herself to a menu of possible delights, she just went for what came her way, playing with gleeful childlike surrender to experience while stretching open to create opportunities.  She loved to laugh and her brilliant blue eyes shone when she was particularly excited or happy.  Making music, sharing music, receiving music were very important in Lisa’s life, as was dance.  She really knew how to celebrate and let go and she inspired others to do the same, turning on the taps, celebrating life, letting go.   We shared many, many delicious meals, and nourishing vibrant natural healing was a particular focus and source of inspiration of Lisa’s daily life.  From regular early morning dives in cold ocean water to get tingly and fresh, to regular solo sleep outs under the stars in wild places, Iyengar yoga, local, organic, conscious foods, hydration and healthy water, medicinal herbs, quietude,  self-care was a lifelong focus for Lisa.  This focus was a dynamic edge of discovery for her and a fertile place of sharing and mutual inspiration with friends. My understanding of committed friendship has grown immensely through my connection with Lisa.  As is evident from the beautiful array of amazing friends, from multiple walks of life who have been actively present and engaged in her life, Lisa was a wonderful friend and ally. Lisa was a true Renaissance woman, an authentic, a bright light, an open heart.