From Rifka Hirsch

I first met Lisa around 1978, and we’ve been loving friends since that first moment.  She was a 20 years old student of philosophy, drawn in by her love of the mind and her own desire to know the Truth of Reality.  For Lisa – Truth, Justice, Beauty, and the Good – these were not simply intellectual concepts, but energies and movements that guided her heart and being.  She lived her life by these standards of Reality.  Lisa was born a lover of Wisdom. Joy was in her nature. She was inspired by Love and Light.  And she had a depth of character and sincerity, which moved people, and which touched everything she did in her life.  It also created in her an exquisite sensitivity and creativity.  And sometimes the world was a challenging place for her.  She was gentle by nature, willing to see the best in others, hopeful that people could learn to live in harmony with each other and with nature.  She even tackled difficult issues of environment, water, and land development in local government, and she fought long and hard to bring about positive and reasonable change.  She not only helped politicians get elected, but also supported causes that were willing to stand for environmental and social justice.  She actively led the way and inspired others to join in. Integrity, commitment and love all came together in her support for nature and for children’s development, and in her relationship with her sister Jill, who was born with serious birth defects.   From childhood to maturity, Lisa cared for Jill’s physical health and emotional well-being.  It was moving and inspiring to see the two sisters together, playing zestfully or tenderly, dancing and singing … in mutual love. Over the 41 years of our friendship, I witnessed Lisa in moments of peace and in moments of turmoil.  She was human, after all … yet her joy and her sadness were felt more deeply, than most people feel.  Through the years, I witnessed her develop into a beautiful and accomplished woman, with many talents and interests.  She was truly a unique and inspiring human being.    I miss you, Lisa.  Your family and friends miss you.  And I know that even the earth and the sea miss your gentle loving friendship and support. Have a wondrous journey, my friend … as you’re off exploring other dimensions of Reality.  Your friend, Rifka