From Tom Osborne

I have known Lisa Marks for about 15 years. We were friends, neighbors, and civic/environmental activists together.  We served together on the City’s Environmental Committee and worked together as members of the board of directors of the South Laguna Civic Association. 
On the City’s Environmental Committee, Lisa put to public use her impressive math skills by making sure the calculations in our Climate Protection Action Plan (unanimously approved by City Council in 2009) were correct.  She attended our many Saturday morning meetings to keep our writing of the plan on schedule. As chair of the work group writing the plan, I knew I could count on Lisa to fill in and help out wherever she was needed.
Lisa’s membership on the South Laguna Civic Association’s board of directors was also exemplary and largely environmentally oriented.  She was a strong supporter and advocate for establishing a Marine Protected Area in South Laguna to safeguard marine habitat and replenish fish stocks. Beyond her MPA advocacy, Lisa took a strong stand on protecting native plants on South Laguna’s hillsides when some people in the community favored maximum trimming of all vegetation for fire protection.  In addition to this environmental work, Lisa took on the daunting task of editing SLCA’s Bulletin that went out to our membership three times a year. This means she solicited article submissions, edited them, did the layout, and saw to the publication and mailing of each issue of the Bulletin. Our SLCA board of directors now has at least five people to handle the Bulletin, that is, doing what Lisa did largely by herself. 
Lastly, my fondest memories of Lisa are of swimming with her several times down at Table Rock Beach in South Laguna.  She loved the ocean and her face lit up when out in the water on a clear Summer day. On those occasions and on many others Lisa followed her bliss while serving as a steward of the environment.